Our Story

North to North Productions begins with an Austrian and a Canadian. Laura and Phil met in Biarritz, France one and a half years ago while Phil was working at a surf hostel and Laura was currently running an arial filming business from Granada, Spain. Since then, they became nearly inseparable traveling across Europe and South East Asia. After spending a summer in a little village in Bretagne, France, they decided to move to Vancouver, BC which brings us to the present. Their travels taught them about all the different cultures around the globe, about the travel industry and demonstrated that  the world is filled with beauty wherever you go. But most of all it triggered this massive desire to capture and share stories. 

Our Goal

This production company is founded on the desire to give a voice to everyone and anyone with a story to share. They wish to inspire and enrich the lives of the people all around us with the thought-provoking, personable, humorous and/or informative stories of their clients told through the combination of moving pictures, music, SFX and voice. 

We Provide

Concept Creation / Development
Online Video Production
Documentary Production
Post Production
Commercial Photography